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AI Sustainability Center

- A world-leading multidisciplinary center for responsible integration of AI

Founded in 2018, AI Sustainability Center aims to identify, measure and govern the ethical implications of Al. It is a collaborative, research-focused environment for applying Al sustainability strategies and frameworks.

The organization is both multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder, bringing various actors - businesses, startups, researchers, policymakers and the society at large - to discuss the responsibility considerations surrounding AI. The center continuously conducts research and hosts workshops to share the most important aspects and goals for sustainable AI integration.

With the help of the gathered data, AI Sustainability Center has outlined a framework that integrates technical, legal and societal perspectives for integration of artificial intelligence. For instance, the framework deals with identifying potential AI-related ethical and societal risks in business models of the customers.

The center provides tailored insights with the help of experts who conduct an in-depth research in the industry and company in question. Afterwards, the customers are consulted on the potential strategies in terms of risk mitigation and get tailored insights into the nature of AI in their industry to improve its applications in the future. 

Overall, the objectives of AI Sustainability Center can be summarized as follows:

  • Research and further the knowledge on the existing ethical and societal issues surrounding AI
  • Educate the companies on how to integrate/continue using AI responsibly
  • Help companies identify and solve the problems with AI
  • Lead businesses towards a more responsible model

The partnership between AI Lund and AI Sustainability Center creates a stronger link between the academic and applied research on issues surrounding artificial intelligence and helps both entities stay updated on the current developments. 

AI Sustainability Center logo. Illustration.
Stefan Larsson. Photo.


Stefan Larsson 

Senior Lecturer at Lund University

Co-PI at ADM Nordic

stefan [dot] larsson [at] lth [dot] lu [dot] se