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Sonja Aits

AI/ML methods in Medical and Biological Research, AI/ML for structural biology, neutron and x-ray science, Educational tools for learning about AI, AI in health care/pharma

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Christian Balkenius

Neurosciences, Zoology, Robotics, cognitive development, cognitive robotics, learning. Director of the WASP HS Graduate School

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Bo Bernhardsson

Modeling and control of uncertain systems. Programme Director of the Master's Programme in Machine Learning, Systems and Control.

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Anamaria Dutceac Segesten

AI as a method in social science research, computational social science, NLP, social network analysis, AI and politics

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Maria Hedlund

Experts, democracy, ethics, policy-making, public administration, responsibility, legitimacy

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Einar Heiberg

image processing, medicine, cardiac imaging, big data, image segmentation

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Stefan Larsson

Sociolegal researcher studying issues of consumer trust, accountability and transparency on data-driven markets, digital platforms; AI, data & retail; AI governance; sustainable AI.

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Jacek Malec

knowledge representation and reasoning, semantic systems, collaborative intelligent robots

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Susanne Norrman

Competence development and lifelong learning initiatives regarding AI

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Mattias Ohlsson

Development of machine learning algorithms, applications of AI/ML within medicine, medical decision support

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Mikael Sundström

Intersection IT/Democracy, Leadership and Information security. Project for mapping and coordination of AI education at Lund university

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Eva Westin

HR, events, administration, communication

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Robert Willim

Future visions, art, aesthetics, creative industries, science fiction, imaginaries, everyday life, connected homes

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Jonas Wisbrant

Strategic and operative human communications, network development, research communication and dissemination.

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Karl Åström

Computer Vision, Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Mapping, Localisation, Positioning, Audio, Radio, Medical Image Analysis. Coordinator AI Lund