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Man or Machine – Who will decide in the future?

Can Artificial Intelligence replace politicians? Can the law protect our privacy from snooping AI? And are we safe from weaponized bots?

The progress within artificial intelligence and in particular within machine learning for the analysis and generation of text, sound and images and within reinforcement learning has been dramatic. In this seminar we probe the question of who will decide in the future. Seven researchers probe this question from different directions.

When: 14 October 15:00 to 17:00

Where:  Palaestra övre, Paradisgatan 4, 223 50 Lund

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Moderator: Kalle Åström. 

Speakers: Sonja Aits, Michael Bosetta, Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, Stefan Larsson, Jonas Ledendal, Robert Willim.

Title: Doctor AI - artificial intelligence in medicine

Speaker: Sonja Aits

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is set to transform health care in the future. We will show potential applications of artificial intelligence in the clinic and discuss benefits for patients and medical staff as well as challenges related to ethics, safety and privacy.

Title: Are We Safe from Weaponized Bots? Evidence from the 2018 US Elections

Speaker: Michael Bossetta

Abstract: Much of the discussion around bots has centered on disinformation. However, bots can also be weaponized to compromise a user's device, steal information, or hack into government networks. In this talk, I'll show how Twitter bots can be weaponized with simple machine learning tools, and present the results of an experiment that tested Americans' vulnerability to weaponized Twitter bots in the 2018 US Midterm Elections.

Title: Can Artificial Intelligence replace politicians?

Speaker: Anamaria Dutceac Segesten

Abstract: The question of how technology changes the labor market has been studied often in the context of manufacturing vs creative job. An interesting thought experiment is to discuss whether more advanced AI algorithms introduced in the public sector can make politicians superfluous. This presentation will discuss the question both theoretically and anchored in empirical examples.

Title: Can the law protect our privacy from snooping AI?

Speaker: Jonas Ledendal

Abstract: Artificial intelligence could potentially usher in a new era of ubiquitous surveillance. In Europe, lawmakers have recently adopted new comprehensive privacy legislation, which aims to adapt the EU data protection framework to the development of digital technologies. Similar rules are also being adopted in many other parts of the world and on the international level. However, are these laws enough to protect our privacy and how well do they balance protection of fundamental rights with innovation?

Title: AI as a mirror of humanity: are we ready for what we'll see?

Speaker: Stefan Larsson

Abstract: Social scientist and lawyer Stefan Larsson shows some less flattering aspects of the meeting between learning technologies and society. The Twitter bot that became racist in conversation with people; the algorithm that learned to discriminate against women from a regular image database; and the French ban on analyzing court judgments - which was instituted when a machine revealed how skewed the court’s judgements were. When technology learns our social patterns, are we ready for what we will see?

Title: The Automagic Home

Speaker: Robert Willim

Abstract: The automated and technologically enhanced home has been promoted in varying guises since the late 19th Century. Nowadays we hear much about smart homes in which new internet connected things are supposed to change daily domestic practices and routines. Are we really on the brink of something new? Will AI and robotic technology finally deliver the automagic home?