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Hub AI

Student organisation within The Academic Society in Lund

Founded in September 2020 under Akademiska Föreningen, Hub AI is a student-led organization that aims to popularize Artificial Intelligence as a multidisciplinary research field and a useful – if not essential – tool for the future industry leaders.

Artificial Intelligence has prompted the emergence of multiple research streams: re-evaluation of the legal systems, in-depth studies on the societal effects of AI, and assessment of its potential in solving the global challenges, among others. That is why Hub AI is committed to reach students from different departments and bring them together with the world-leading researchers and industry representatives by organizing lectures on a wide range of topics surrounding AI.

Moreover, the newly widespread nature of Artificial Intelligence prompts many students to learn coding invariably on their field of studies, as it helps them stay on top of the labor market competition. To make sure that Lund University students excel in their professional and academic careers, Hub AI has an ongoing Python course organized in collaboration with COMPUTE.

Hub AI’s objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Build a network of like-minded individuals from all disciplines and ranks: students, academics and industry representatives
  • Educate the members on current research and issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence and master basic coding skills together
  • Share the members’ personal experience and expertise on AI

By establishing a partnership with Hub AI, AI Lund gets to reach another target audience and spread the knowledge on Artificial Intelligence to the professionals in making. The collaboration provides invaluable insights into the student perspectives on AI as well as the scope of the respective issues covered in their studies. This way, AI Lund can evaluate the need and demand for designing new courses surrounding different areas of Artificial Intelligence and further discuss their implementation with Lund University.

Hub AI logo. A human hand and a robot hand are reaching towards each other. Illustration.
Akademiska Föreningen (AF) logo. Illustration.
Picture of Julia Leokadia Okuniewska, Hub AI

Contact Hub AI

Julia Leokadia Okuniewska
Head of External Partnerships 

ju7881ok-se [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (ju7881ok-se[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) 

hello [at] hubai [dot] se (hello[at]hubai[dot]se)