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The Automagic Home, and also an introduction to the Mundania Files

AI Lund 2019 revisited 3 June 2020


The Corona crisis prevents the physical meetings and discussions that have so far been a central part of AI Lund's outreach activities. But in order to continue dialogue and joint learning, we now try a series of online lunch seminars. Together we watch one or more presentations from previous AI Lund events for 20-30 minutes. Then an expert, often. the original speaker, are there to answer questions for 10-15 minutes. You can also ask questions in the text chat during the video. The presentations can be in Swedish or English, and you can ask questions in both languages.

On 3 June we watch the presentation that Robert Willim gave at the  Lund University Future week: Man or Machine – Who will decide in the future? 14 October 2019

Title: The Automagic Home, and also an introduction to the Mundania Files

Speaker/expert:  Robert Willim, Digital Cultures, Lund University

Abstract: The automated and technologically enhanced home has been promoted in varying guises since the late 19th Century. Nowadays we hear much about smart homes in which new internet connected things are supposed to change daily domestic practices and routines. Are we really on the brink of something new? Will AI and robotic technology finally deliver the automagic home? 

First we watch the recording from 14 October 2019. After the presentation Robert Willim answers questions to be followed by an introduction of his fresh construct in the intersection of research communication and art; The Mundania Files...