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Information-driven care the CAISR Health initiative

AI Lund and COMPUTE lunch seminar 7 April 2021

Can AI and digital solutions contribute to sustainable development? This is what AI Lund and COMPUTE will explore in a series of events this year.

Title: Information-driven care the CAISR Health initiative

Speaker: Mattias Ohlsson

When: 7 April at 12.00-13.00


The availability of data is changing rapidly in healthcare. Information-driven care will make use of all this data, together with data analytics and machine learning, with the aim improve the healthcare system. The CAISR Health research profile at Halmstad University will focus on information-driven care, understanding the whole chain from formulating and prioritising questions, to algorithms, to data collection, to engagement, to explainability, and to implementation. 

Mattias Ohlsson will provide an overview of CAISR Health and briefly present some applications.

Biography: Mattias Ohlsson is a Professor at Lund University and Halmstad University. His research focuses on machine learning and applications within medicine and biology, e.g. image analysis, analysis of register-based data and survival analysis.

Research page of Mattias Ohlsson.