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Machine Learning in the service of Agriculture

Recording from AI Lund lunch seminar 1 November 2021

Title: Machine Learning in the service of Agriculture

When: 10 November 2021, 12:00-13:15

Speaker: Alexandros Sopasakis,  Center for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University

Where: Online


Agriculture is one of the few sectors that has closely followed human evolution. The first agricultural revolution occurred at 10000 BC and the third in the 1950s. We are about to experience the next such revolution and Machine Learning could very well be in the middle of it.  In this presentation we look at preliminary results of ML methods assisting Swedish farmers to improve harvest from a multitude of data ranging from satellites to local farmer harvester yield. The "bigger picture" however, which we are just now beginning to scratch the surface, involves wider perspective questions related to CO2 emissions and climate.  The work presented is a joint cooperation between the image analysis group in the mathematics department at LTH as well as companies Sensative, T-Kartor and is funded by Vinnova.