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Industry 4.0

ELLIIT tech talk 19 October 2022

The world is full of clouds, and there will be more

Clouds - What are they and where are they? Why do we use clouds? How does a distributed cloud infrastructure look like in 5G and the upcoming 6G as examples? How do they affect energy consumption?

Maria Kihl, Professor of Internet Systems, Department of Electrical and Information Technology

What are the pieces of the puzzle in smart industry?

What exactly is smart industry? What are the advantages, how does it work and what are the challenges? The choice of  computer between the cloud server and the smartwatch matters greatly for performance, energy consumption and privacy – for both humans and machines. We discuss design decisions and priorities.

Charlotta Johnsson, Professor, Department of Automatic Control and  dean Helsingborg, Lund University

In the panel

Jonas Birgersson, IT entrepreneur

Host and moderator

Johan Wester


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