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Mood vision and the master control of behaviour

Recording from AI Lund lunch seminar 22 November 2022

Topic: Mood vision and the master control of behaviour

Speaker: Dan-E NilssonFunctional zoology and  Lund Vision Group, Lund University

Moderator: Kalle Åström, Professor, Mathematical Imaging Group, Lund University - Coordinator AI Lund

When: 2 November at 12.00-13.15

Where: Online

Spoken language: English


We are attracted to ‘beautiful’ environments, which we like to remain in or return to. Most people would also agree that weather conditions have a strong influence on their mood and what they prefer to do. Light and the visual environment obviously have major effects on our mind, determining where we want to be and what we want to do. This master control of behaviour is of fundamental biological importance to humans, as well as to all other animals. Remarkably, this ancient and essential visual function remains unexplored. However, new ways to quantify visual environments suggest that vertical gradients of intensity, color and contrast are the primary visual cues used by humans and animals to set the mind in favour of biologically suitable activities. These findings have a huge potential for understanding animal distribution and behaviour, as well as offering entirely novel applications for interior lighting.