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AI Art and Copyright

Handouts from AI Lund lunch seminar 29 March 2023

Illustration. Robot generate art based on human data while paragraph tolkens rain down in the backgroun.d

Topic: AI Art and Copyright

Speaker: Johan Axhamn, Senior Lecturer in Business Law at the Department of Business Law at LUSEM, Lund University

When: 29 March at 12.00-13.15

Where: Online

Spoken language: English


The development of AI tools for the generation of, for example, images and texts and other creative output, has recently gained increased take-up and attention. AI Lund has organised several seminars on technological aspects related to such tools. See:

This seminar will focus on copyright-related aspects. For example, the development of such AI tools often presuppose access and use (reproduction) of existing copyright protected works as training data. And AI tools can be instructed to generate AI output - "AI generated works" - that are similar to existing copyright protected works, or imitate the style etc. of specific authors and artists. In some jurisdictions, related opportunities and challenges of AI tools have led to litigations.

On a more principal level, AI tools potentially challenge the underlying rationales and justifications for copyright protection - the reward and accompanying legal protection of human creativity etc.

Related copyright legal and policy aspects will be described, analysed and further discussed at the seminar on the basis of an introductory presentation by Jur. Dr (LL.D.) Johan Axhamn, Senior Lecturer in Business Law at the Department of Business Law at LUSEM.