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Future Biomaterials: Data-Driven Insight to Cell-Biomaterial Interaction

Organised by the Pufendorf Institute Theme "Roadmap of Biomaterials 4.0"

Welcome to participate in the open online sessions of this conference on data science-driven biomaterials research, which is organised by the Pufendorf Institute Theme "Roadmap of Biomaterials 4.0". Leading international data scientists and biomaterial researchers will share insights on current data science approaches, challenges and opportunities and their use in the development of novel biomaterials.

When: 29 and 30 May

Where: Online

Spoken language: English

Online lectures and panel 29 May

  • Representative Pufendorf IAS mission introduction, Theme Roadmap of Biomaterials 4.0 
     Cedric Dicko, Lund University
  • Innovating discovery into products-lessons learned, 
    Daniel Anderson, MIT
  • Closed loop discovery, is it feasible for biomaterials? 
    Ross King, Chalmers University

Online lectures 30 May I

  • Exploring design space
    Patrick van Rijn, Groningen University Medical Centre
  • How to organize large datasets
    Shantanu Singh, Broad Institute 
  • Graduated complexity in statistical treatments of large biomaterials datasets
    Dave Winkler, La Trobe University

Online lectures 30 May II

  • What miniaturisation does to throughput 
    Pavel Levkin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 
  • Is democratisation of robotic discovery methods possible? 
    Adam Gormley, Rutgers University
  • Cells and materials: two worlds, same language?
    Jeroen Eykmans, Boston University