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AI Sweden

Swedish National Center for applied AI

Funded by Vinnova, AI Sweden aims to accelerate the adoption of AI across all Swedish sectors. To fulfill their mission, the centre runs multiple programs ranging from helping professionals build their AI skills to funding projects on new uses for Artificial Intelligence in Sweden.

Due to the high potential associated with widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence, AI Sweden offers a range of services to help businesses successfully integrate the technology and assist the society in learning related skills in the offered training programs.

For younger companies, the center gives an opportunity to explore the AI potential in their business model by joining the AI Sweden start-up program. However, companies with proven AI proficiency are also given a chance to learn: all AI Sweden partners are encouraged to participate in The Data Factory - a shared research environment where companies engage in experiments and help each other solve unique challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence. 

Apart from a rather business-oriented approach, AI Sweden runs multiple nation-wide projects and initiatives aimed to engage even more companies and organizations in the transition. The center promotes experimentation and the use of AI in sectors that so far have not exploited the full potential of artificial intelligence. By joining these initiatives, organizations have a chance to share the results of their applied studies in the demo stages of AI implementation and explore the new challenges and opportunities together with AI Sweden. 

Thus, the overall objectives of AI Sweden can be summarized as follows:

  • Explain businesses how AI can be used to maximize their potential and teach the workforce to do so effectively
  • Research and improve the capacity of AI together with formal partners
  • Ensure continuous and widespread development of AI in Sweden through nation-wide initiatives

The partnership between AI Sweden and AI Lund is set to stimulate knowledge sharing and network expansion. Both parties are committed to a similar goal, making the knowledge spillovers and transparency key in stimulating the growth of Artificial Intelligence in Sweden.

AI Sweden text logo. Illustration.
Kalle Åström. Photo.


Kalle Åström 

Member of the AI Sweden Board

karl [dot] astrom [at] maths [dot] lth [dot] se (karl[dot]astrom[at]maths[dot]lth[dot]se)

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