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NAC internal

Open for contributions

Activities open for NAC members

NAC Opportunities (15 November)

Next deadline for NAC Core Members to apply for a NAC opportunity is 2023-11-15. 

Read more and apply.

NAC week 2023

The ambition for the NAC week 24th to 27th October 2023 is to gather Lund University researchers and PhD students that are affiliated to the profile area, but also researchers, teachers, PhD students and other employees at Lund university that are interested in the domain or want to be an active part of the profile area of Natural and Artificial Cognition.

The NAC week 2023 consists of three separate but connected  events:

The second annual fika-to-fika workshop on Natural and Artificial Cognition

When: 24 October at 9.30 to 15.30

Location: E:A, could be complemented with hybrid

Target group: Public and internal

Relation to the other events:

Information and registration: 

Programme Committee

  • Eric Warrant
  • Marcus Stensmyr
  • Elin A. Topp
  • Magnus Oskarsson


  • Research presentations: Contact the programme committee if you want to contribute
  • Poster session with contributions från PhD students and young researchers: Call for Contributions at

The first annual NAC Member meeting

When: 25 October at 10.00 to 12.00

Location: M:Teknodromen

Target group: NAC Members and member candidates

Preliminary programme

  • 10.15 Introduction to NAC status, policies, activities and future
  • 11.15- 12.00 NAC Labs and resources - what can be done there and how to use it

Programme Committee

  • Ines Bramao
  • Karl Åström
  • Marcus Stensmyr


The first NAC workshop for PhD students and young researchers

With the purpose of cross-learning and networking between researchers and doctoral students in the field of Natural and Artificial Cognition at Lund University we invite doctoral students and young researchers to present and discuss their research:

Target group

  • NAC member PhD students
  • PhD students to NAC members 
  • other PhD students and young researchers at Lund University that are active or interested in the NAC domain.

But every one in the NAC Community is wellcom to participate.

Preliminary programme October 27 at 9-12 + lunch

  • PhD and young researcher presentations and Q&A based on contributed posters 24/10 
  • Other contributions
  • TBC: Labs, tools & tricks at Lund University

Programme Committee

Call for contribution

Examples of contributions could be an presentation an/or a poster that you have recently given, or are planning to give. But you can also produce a simple poster that describes what you want to research about...

Criteria for contributing

  • you are a doctoral student or young researcher at LU/LTH
  • you research in the field of Natural and/or Artificial Cognition in the broad sense

Submit a titel 

There will be no pre-review of your presentation or poster. We need a preliminary title to put in the programmes for the 24th and/or 27th October. So please try to submit a titel for your contribution before 17 October.

You register for participation and submit a title for your contribution in the same form at

Lund University profile area Natural and Artificial Cognition for Lund University staff.

Calls and contributions
Organisation, policy and routines


NAC Organisation

Lund University profile area Natural and Artificial Cognition for Lund University staff.

Calls and contributions
Organisation, policy and routines



NAC Members

NAC Core

During the years 2023 and 2024, the NAC Core will be seen at a retreat for team building and to discuss strategic issues. The retreat is followed up with a 2–3 hour meeting in the fall.

NAC Management Group

The management team consists of people with formal roles in the profile area or with direct funding. All or parts of the management team discuss ongoing and long-term issues at online meetings on Tuesdays at 8.15-9.15.

NAC Board

For 2023 and 2024, three board meetings per year on a theme are planned.

  • Spring: Activity report and evaluation
  • September:
  • November: Budget and operational plan

NAC Scientific Advisory Board

NAC Core working groups

Within NAC Core group exist the following long term working groups

  • Calls for funding & applications
  • NAC Opportunities
  • Scientific Advisory Board Coordination
  • Communication Strategy
  • LUCRIS group
  • Event committees
    • NAC CORE spring meeting
    • Members autumn meeting
    • Annual Public Workshop
    • Young researchs an PhD Students workshop

Apply for NAC membership

Any researcher, PhD student or other employee at Lund University  can apply for membership via a webform. The recruitment committee takes decisions on short notice but we report new members to LUCAT twice a year.

Benefits, obligations, and routines for different NAC groups (PDF, 95kb)

You apply for membership in a web form.

NAC Opportunities

NAC Opportunities is way for NAC Core members to on short notice and with little bureaucracy seek funding for projects or other initiatives in the cost range 20-100 KKR. Decisions are taken four times per year.

Examples of things which could be funded include:

  • visitors
  • PhD courses
  • workshops
  • support for research projects

NAC Core members are free to come up with other ideas too.

To apply for funding, submit a one-page proposal as a PDF file by email  to Kalle Åström (karl [dot] astrom [at] math [dot] lth [dot] se) by noon, on the day for the deadline.

The proposal should include:

  1. a description of what you propose to do
  2. an explanation of how it will benefit a broad section of the NAC community. We prioritise ideas which will benefit many NAC members. Concretely, we are expecting to see the direct involvement of at least two distinct research groups within NAC.
  3. a simple budget with an explanation of the expected costs

If you are proposing a visitor, then please also include a two-page CV of the proposed
visitor as well as the one-page proposal.

Upcoming deadlines:

  • 15 November 2023 at 12.00 CET

Contact by mail

  • Kalle Åström
  • Melvyn Davies

NAC Connections

Video- and meeting based introduction process for new NAC Core Members. To be described.

Annual LUCRIS circle

To be decribed.

Communication platforms

To be described